July 2012

Volume 1 No. 1

1 Seismic BehaviourOf Wall-Slab Connection With Steel Fiber Subjected To Out-Of-Plane Lateral Oyclic Load
Abdul Rahman, N. Hamzah, S.H. Abdul Hamid, N.H.
2 Statistical Verification Of Two Numerical Weather Prediction Models For Quantitive Precipitation Forecast Ahmad, K. Tahir, W. Hamid, A.B.S Maisarah, W.W.I   Download
3 Evaluation On Volumetric Properties And Resilient Modulus Performance Of Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA)
Arshad, A.K. Sukaimy, M.F. Kamaluddin, N.A. Daud, N.L.M
4 Optimising Time Performance For Construction Of Public Building Sector Projects in Peninsular Malaysia
Ibrahim, H. Baki, A. Atan, I
5 Bacillus Subtilis and Thermus Thermophilus Derived Bioconcrete In Enhancing Concrete Stength
Muhammad Isha, I. Affifudin, H. Mohd Saman, H.
6 Bioremediation of Phenanthrene Contaminated Sand Using Bacteria Isolated From Petroleum Sudge
Mohd Kamil, N.A.F. Hussain, N.H. Abdul Talib, S.
7 Strength Assessement of Self Consolidating Concrete Incorporating Supplementary Cementitous Material and Crushed Concrete Waste Aggregrate
Ridzuan, A.R.M. Fauzi, M.A.M.
8 Potential Implementation of Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse In Malaysia Urban Area
Ab. Wahid, M. Tanaka, H.


June 2012

Volume 1 No. 2

1 The Effects of Secondary Treated Wastewater on Brassica CampestrisSP.Parachinensis Growth Using Soil and Hydroponic Cultivation. Shakrani, S.A. Ali, M.F.   Download
2 Determination of Optimum Debark Time in Retting Process of Kenaf Fiber Production. Nabilah Huda, A.H. Mohd Tajuddin, R. Ahmad, Z. Mohd Nazrin, O.   Download
3 Performance of Foamed Concrete With Waste Paper Sludge Ash (WSPA) and Fine Recycled ConcreteAggregate (FRCA) Contents. Sharipudin, S.S. Ridzuan, A.R.M. Mohd Saman, H.   Download
4 Pedestrian’s Perception of The Sidewalk Facilities in Kuala Lumpur’s Commercial Area. Bahari, N.I. Arshad, A.K. Yahya, Z..   Download
5 Direct Displacement-based Design in Precast Concrete Beam-column Joint Under Lateral Cyclic Loading
Abdul Ghani, K.D. Abdul Hamid, N.H.
6 Reliability of Combined Regional Tidal Power Generation in Malaysia                                 
Lee, W.K.
7 Development Trends and Future Issues of Traffic Noise Barrier in Korea
Il-Ho,K. Gwang, S.K.
8 Surface Water Retention Capacities of Different Grass Specifies for Storm Water Management
Abdul Wahab, N. Mohd Tajuddin, R. Tahir, W.