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Geotechnical Highway Engineering (GeoHit)

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Infrastructure Engineering and Sustainability ' IsES' is one of the four academic centers in the Faculty of Civil Engineering,Universiti Teknologi MARA. Malaysia. IsES has been rename from previously known as ' Geotechnique, Highway & Transportation and Engineering Survey Division ' i.e GeoHiTS indue maturity of the department. Under the umbrella of IsES , the centre is further subdivided into Geotechnical and GeoMaterial Engineering known as GeoGEM and Highway,Transportation and Engineering Surveying, known as HiTES. Further information and activities of GeoGEM and HiTES, please visit the respective webpage.

IsES was established in January 2006, shall focus on the development of curriculum and academic excellent in the field of geotechnical engineering, highway and transportation engineering , engineering survey and sustainability for the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

The main role of IsES is to design a dynamic academic courses and programmes for three main level of civil engineering programmes , i.e Diploma, B.Eng and MSc. Addition to the respective conventional engineering materials, the students shall be inculcated with awareness on risk management and environmental values. Hence a young graduate is expected to conduct a good engineering practice for preservation and restoration of sustainable tropical environment.

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